What's Woo?!


Grown in Worcestershire (The Woo)


It breaks our little hearts to see folks buying olive oils from “leading” brands where the contents have been intensively farmed in countries such as Italy, Greece, Spain, Tunisia and Turkey where water, particularly in summer months, is in short supply.

Then it’s shipped all over the world. Is it just us, or does that seem daft to you too?

The rapeseed for our oil is grown right here on our family farm in Worcestershire. The only water we use comes straight from the clouds above. Thankfully, there is always plenty of that round these parts. All the waste from rapeseed production goes to our cows to eat. They love the stuff.


As healthy as it gets

Our oil has 50% less saturated fat (the really bad stuff) than leading olive oils. It’s high in mono-unsaturated fats (the good stuff), and has plenty of omega-3 and omega-6 oils, which are brilliant for your mind and body.

Rapeseed oil also has a higher smoke point  (the point at which oils become unstable and potentially toxic) than any other oil. So if you’re frying and baking at high temperatures, rapeseed oil is perfect.



Most importantly, our oil tastes flippin’ lovely. It’s ideal for frying because it doesn’t burn at high temperatures.

It’s fantastic for baking because it has such a light, non-greasy texture.

It’s wonderful when marinating, because the subtle flavours allows other ingredients, like spices and herbs, to really work their magic.

And if you just want a delicate, rich, warming nutty flavour for dipping and dressing, our oil is just the job.

Unlike massive brands, our oil will differ slightly every harvest, and we love it even more for that.


Get your hands on some.